About Us

Our Role in University Compliance

Primary responsibility for compliance remains within individual departments and offices of the university, for example, the Registrar’s Office, Office of the Provost, Human Resources, Public Safety, Athletics, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI)Office of University Equity and ComplianceEnrollment Management and Student Affairs.

The Compliance Department reinforces the compliance activities of those administrative units to strengthen existing compliance structures such as the development and updating of policies and procedures; dissemination of compliance information and announcements; training; monitoring; reporting; and taking corrective action where necessary.

The Compliance Department aims to provide the administration, students, faculty and staff with comprehensible knowledge and resources to promote compliance and minimize risk.  We coordinate and support the university’s compliance efforts, drawing on and working with offices across the university to provide expertise, resources, training, and development of policies, procedures and best practices relating to the hundreds of laws and regulations that apply to the university’s operations. The Compliance Department, reporting through the Senior Vice President and General Counsel, informs the university’s Senior Leadership Team and the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees on university-wide compliance matters, facilitates university-wide general compliance through training and collaboration with key departments that have compliance as part of their mission, and conducts or assists in regular compliance risk assessment.