Restricted Party Screening

What is restricted party screening?


Numerous U.S. government agencies (primarily the Departments of State, Commerce, and Treasury) maintain lists of individuals, companies, or entities barred or restricted from entering into certain types of transactions with U.S. individuals, corporations, and organizations, including Northeastern University.
The lists include both U.S. and foreign individuals, entities, and organizations. The U.S. government updates these lists on a regular basis, meaning that individuals or entities with whom you are conducting business could be added to or removed from the list.

Engaging in business or other transactions with individuals, companies, or entities on these lists may result in civil penalties for Northeastern University and civil or criminal penalties for the individual involved in the activities.

Pre-screening is important. It can identify ineligible recipients and identify licensing requirements, so that you know about potential concerns or problems before you expend time or resources.


Conducting restricted party screening


Northeastern University uses a web-based software program provided by Descartes Visual Compliance to promptly conduct screenings against the various federally maintained lists. Visual Compliance also ensures automated periodic re-screening and documentation for audit purposes.



Training and Access


To arrange for access and training on the use of the software, please contact Compliance Department at and describe the need for restricted party screening at the unit/departmental level.